Nick Walker

Nick Walker (English, b. 1969) is a graffiti artist who introduced his hometown of Bristol, England to stencil graffiti. He is well-known for his work entitled “Moona Lisa,” which sold for £54,000 at Bonhams, London in 2006. In addition, Walker was asked by film director Stanley Kubrick to recreate the graffiti on the streets of New York for his 1999 film “Eyes Wide Shut.” According to the artist, “In 1992 I began to combine stencils with my freehand work, which allowed me to juxtapose almost photographic imagery with the rawness which evolved from conventional graffiti styles. Stencils introduce an impact element to my work. The appeal of stencils is that they allow me to take an image from anywhere – dissect any part of life – and recreate it on any surface.”

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