Angie Drakopoulos

Element 8, 2019

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Archival print, plexiglas and acrylic paint
11.0 x 15.0 in (27.9 x 38.1 cm)
Signed on verso


This work ships from New York, NY, US.


Element 8 is a confluence of two landscapes: that of the earth and that of the mind. The central image is derived from cymatics (from the Ancient Greek κῦμα, meaning “wave”), which is the study of the visible effects of sound and vibration. This momentary form reveals the forces of the unseen world and functions as a metaphor of an inner mindscape. The image is elusive and ephemeral, similar to our understanding of consciousness. The vast mountainous landscape in its geological time frame is a reminder of the temporary nature of existence. Through a process of layering, the work explores the coalescence of these two realms.