Asher Israelow

Serenade Table, 2018

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Walnut, brass
14.0 x 24.0 in (35.6 x 61.0 cm)


New York, NY


A series for stargazers. Originally created to sit in the Promenade of Lincoln Center's New York State Theater, this piece combines mid-century motifs with a sense of wonder. The brass inlaid starmap alludes to secret moments hidden within the solid walnut table. Each map is specific to a date and place, allowing the inlay to relay a certain moment or memory, for your eyes only.

Terms & Conditions

Please allow 12-16 weeks for the fabrication of this custom piece. Each table is made to order, with a customized brass inlaid starmap on the table top. Each starmap is unique, specific to the clients' date/place/time preference.