Beate Gütschow

HC#5, 2018

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Chromogenic print
58.2 x 45.2 in (148.0 x 114.9 cm)
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Signed on verso


This work ships from Chicago, IL, US.


In her new series HC, for Hortus Conclusus, a term used in art history that in Latin that translates to "enclosed garden," Beate Gütschow explores Hortus Conclusus in Medieval and early Renaissance art, famous for idyllic and flat depictions of fenced in gardens. Translating the concept into a contemporary context, Gütschow places two young people wearing modern-day clothing into an outdoor space among faded graffiti on the brick walls and patchy grass. Yet, as with all her works, the picture appears just slightly off from reality. Gütschow—an expert at carefully digitally assembling up to one hundred different photographic elements to create her compositions—leaves slight hints as to the fabricated nature of her photographs. In this series, she employs the use of photogrammetry software typically used for the use of map making or 3-D model building. The software uses a camera to determine the exact distance between points, flattening the way spaces are seen in reality into geometric representations. The result is a distorted and too perfect depiction of Eden, calling back to the aesthetic representations in art history of gardens, while challenging our perceptions in art and in seeing.

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