Chigozie Obi

Echi Che Ndi Nwanyi (Thoughts Of A Woman), 2019

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Lot 8
Oil on canvas
51.0 x 33.5 in (129.5 x 85.1 cm)
Signed on verso


This work ships from Brooklyn, NY, US.


"As a woman I am always reflecting on my thoughts and issues in terms of consent, insecurities, and being enough in general. These are things I believe other women can relate to. Those that have been violated-reliving or trying to forget those moments. Those that have not - thinking about how cautious they have to be to not be violated. Those that feel they do not reach a certain standard of beauty and need it for validation. Those that have, thinking about how they need to maintain the standard and will not be accepted if they try different things. Echi che nke nwanyi, nke na-eweda anyị ala,ihe ndị na-eme ka anyị ghara ịba onweanyị uru. Echere m na anyị nwere ike ịhapụ echiche a otu ụbọchị wee mara na anyị ezuru onweanyị. (Thoughts of a woman, the ones that bring us down, things that cause us to lose self-worth. I hope we are able to let go of the thought some day and know we are enough for our selves.)"
-Chigozie Obi

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