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Damien Hirst

Savoy H5-8, 2018

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Lot 27
Diasec-mounted digital print on aluminum panel
35.0 x 35.0 in (88.9 x 88.9 cm)
From edition of 100
Signed and numbered on verso


This work ships from the United States.


The work of Damien Hirst is iconic, playful often a bit whimsical, much like the artist himself. In his iconic spot paintings, Hirst has melded his passion for the arts and science. The present work is an arrangement of brightly colored dots that explore the interaction between pure colors. Each spot painting exhibits variations in color placement, organization, and form. Hirst considers the creative variations possible within a rigid, predetermined compositional system, applying the exacting logic of science to art making.

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About Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst (b. 1965) is a British artist best known for his leading role in the Young British Artist (YBA) movement of the 1990s. Hirst’s artistic practice varies wildly—from dead animals submerged in formaldehyde, to pristine, ominous medicine cabinets, to the pharmaceutically poppy, menacingly hollow spot paintings—but his key themes are life’s mortality and modern science’s palliative, seductive allure. Rising from the British recession of the 1990s, his middle-class artistic persona melds the antagonism and shock of British punk rock with the showmanship and audacious capitalism of Andy Warhol.