DD Regalo

Psychedelic Grass, 2018

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Acrylic and spray paint on canvas
100.0 x 80.0 cm (39.4 x 31.5 in)
Signed on verso


This work ships from London, GB.


Dd Regalo says: ‘I like it messy. Raw. A little loose around the edges. I like my art to say something with the texture and the way it works with the colours in a specific part of a piece.’

Created using real grass in the process, Dd Regalo has taken inspiration from the haze and daze of the often-messy British summer music festival season for this new painting.

Using his archetypal abstract splashes, infused with glowing neon pigments, Psychedelic Grass is a trippy jumping point for Dd Regalo’s interest in describing a connection with nature and the natural world through the medium of abstract colour and form.

Dd Regalo is a contemporary Canadian artist now living and working in London, UK.

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