Emery Kate Tillman

Closeted Love II, 2018

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Cyanotype on vintage handkerchief
14.5 x 14.5 in (36.8 x 36.8 cm)


This work ships from New Orleans, LA, US.


A cyanotype print on a vintage handkerchief of a 1934 letter from Eleanor Roosevelt to her lover Lorena Hickock.

"June 3, 1934 Hick darling, I wonder if any of the sweetness of this little favorite rose of mine will linger by the time it reaches you? My garden t the cottage was a lovely sight in full bloom& unconsciously I wanted you to see it with me. I hope Franklin has a few years here. He would really enjoy it & I believe he would enjoy it even with Mama here. I kept thinking of the mess we had made of our young lives here & how strange it was that after all these years I return here as indifferent & uninterested as a stranger & I doubt if any child has feeling about it because nothing has ever been his or her own here. It is a pity one cannot live one’s life once again but at least we can try to keep one’s children from making the same mistakes. I talked with Mama for an hour. She is unhappy & I see why & yet I feel so strongly she brought it all on herself but she can’t help it for she just doesn’t understand. She’ll be 80 in Sept. & I must make an effort to make it happy day for her. I’ve been such an unsatisfactory daughter-in-law. God bless you dear & good night. I would like to really kiss you tonight but I do in spirit." -E.R.

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