Emery Kate Tillman

Closeted Love II, 2018

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Cyanotype on vintage handkerchief
14.5 x 14.5 in (36.8 x 36.8 cm)


This work ships from New Orleans, LA, US.


A cyanotype print on a vintage handkerchief of a 1934 letter from Eleanor Roosevelt to her lover Lorena Hickock.

"June 3, 1934 Hick darling, I wonder if any of the sweetness of this little favorite rose of mine will linger by the time it reaches you? My garden t the cottage was a lovely sight in full bloom& unconsciously I wanted you to see it with me. I hope Franklin has a few years here. He would really enjoy it & I believe he would enjoy it even with Mama here. I kept thinking of the mess we had made of our young lives here & how strange it was that after all these years I return here as indifferent & uninterested as a stranger & I doubt if any child has feeling about it because nothing has ever been his or her own here. It is a pity one cannot live one’s life once again but at least we can try to keep one’s children from making the same mistakes. I talked with Mama for an hour. She is unhappy & I see why & yet I feel so strongly she brought it all on herself but she can’t help it for she just doesn’t understand. She’ll be 80 in Sept. & I must make an effort to make it happy day for her. I’ve been such an unsatisfactory daughter-in-law. God bless you dear & good night. I would like to really kiss you tonight but I do in spirit." -E.R.

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About Emery Kate Tillman

Emery Kate Tillman is an emerging textile artist whose work focuses on the hidden and intimate conversations of history, especially relating to the female and queer experience.