Emery Kate Tillman

Closeted Love III, 2018

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Cyanotype on vintage handkerchief
14.5 x 14.5 in (36.8 x 36.8 cm)


This work ships from New Orleans, LA, US.


A cyanotype print on a vintage handkerchief of a 1933 letter from Eleanor Roosevelt to her lover Lorena Hickock.

"March 5, 1933 Hick my dearest, I cannot go to bed to-night without a word to you. I felt a little as though a part of me was leaving to- night, you have grown so much to be a apart of my life that it is empty without you even though I’m busy every minute. There are strange days & very off to me but I’ll remember the joys & try to plan pleasant things & count the days between our times to-gether! To begin my diary, after you left I went to supper taking Fjr., & John, Mama &; Betsey &; we were followed by F.D.R & James just before the boys left. I went to the station with them & left the Secret Service man at home. Saw the boys onto the train. Returned, had a short talk with F.D.R James & Betsye. Tommy came &; we arranged to-morrow’s work. At ten Meggie & I took her to the gate &;I thought of you & “Prinz”. She seemed very happy & said everyone had a grand time, also that you looked “stunning” dressed up! I then went back & devoted a quarter of an hour to talking to Mama, then listened to F.D.R broadcast, sorted mail &; am now preparing for bed. So endeth my first Sunday. I’ll call you to-morrow night & this should reach you Tuesday a.m. Oh! Darling, I hope on the whole you will be happier for my friendship. I felt I had brought you so much discomfort &; hardship to-day &; almost more heartache than you could bear & I don’t want to make you unhappy. All my Love &; I shall be saying to you over thought waves in a few minutes — Goodnight my dear one Angels Guard thee God Protect Thee My love enfold thee All the night through. Always yours, E.R."

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About Emery Kate Tillman

Emery Kate Tillman is an emerging textile artist whose work focuses on the hidden and intimate conversations of history, especially relating to the female and queer experience.