Eric Seals

Cataracts & Smokes, 1996

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Digital chromogenic print on Kodak Endura Premier Lustre paper
13.3 x 20.0 in (33.9 x 50.8 cm)
Signed on recto


This work ships from Berry, KY, US.


Eric Seals Notes: This portrait of a man I saw walking during the South Carolina State Fair in Columbia. 
I was on assignment as a photojournalist covering the fair when I saw this distinct figure out of the corner of my eye.  
Sometimes people stop you in your tracks. This man was one of those people for me. It was in the way he walk, the clothes he was wearing and his cowboy hat drew me right to him. But it wasn't until he looked at me with those eyes that I knew I wanted to make portraits of him at the fair. Those eyes really stood out against his skin shaded underneath that black cowboy hat. All these years later I don't remember his name but he told me he developed cataracts in both eyes but he never let that stop him from being who he was or how he lived his life.

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