Geert Goiris

Leo, 2008

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Archival inkjet print
17.1 x 13.4 in (43.4 x 34.0 cm)
Signed on recto, lower right corner of frame


This work ships from Chicago, IL, US.


Geert Goiris uses surrealism to impart a sense of mystery in his photographs, juxtaposing the recognizable with the uncanny. Goiris travels the world, seeking out unusual, remote places and interpreting them in enigmatic images ranging from built structures to the ephemeral pile of snow, imbuing such seemingly insignificant images with meaning. Portraits make rare but poignant appearances throughout his many series, with figures seeming to appear as messengers or survivors of an unknown dystopia. In Leo (2008), a young boy’s gaze is interrupted by the shaking movement of light traced in a long exposure, detaching the boy from conventions of innocence while denying the viewer a sense of connection. Goirs states: “I share a sensitivity with the romantic tradition—where sensual experiences and the merging of body and environment come into play. My images are not documentary—they do not claim to show things as they are, but more as they seem.”

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About Geert Goiris

Belgian photographer, born 1971