Gladys Triana

Stillness IX, 2003

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9.0 x 14.0 in (22.9 x 35.6 cm)
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This work ships from Brooklyn, United States.


"Stillness is a new series of photographs created to evoke an imaginary world that unifies the objective with the subjective. The objects presented are made unique by their isolation - transformed through simplistic representation into magical figures. The manipulation of light is a vital factor. Renaissance artists such as Rembrandt and Caravaggio have inspired this work through their projection of light in their composition. My intentions were to invert their conception of contrast - to highlight the background instead of the objects. It creates different tonalities that envelope the entire photograph. The mystery that emerges from the play between light and shadow is key to achieve this proposition. Since the object does not have a graphic identity in itself, the light and shadow endow the image with the illusion or reality. In the virtual space of the photograph, where the light is centered on the background, I selected these simple objects in order to create a new perception that relates to poetry and enhances new possibilities. I acknowledge the ambiguous nature of the object and the resulting expressive force that adds a meditative tone to the general concept of the work. In it remains a diverse, mysterious landscape that stimulates our sense of communication, and suggests an image outside of time and space, transformed into metaphors."

“Photography is a way to create from mystery”
- Gladys Triana

“This mystifying print is part of a series of photographs that depict simple objects immersed in darkness and surmounted by a large sun-like light. Gladys Triana draws influence from classical artists such as Goya, Rembrandt, and Caravaggio, citing their interest in light as inspiration. Triana manipulates light in a wholly innovative way: she uses light not to highlight objects, but rather their backgrounds, thus creating a fascinating play of light and shadow. Through her work, the artist investigates photography as a medium, which she considers “a way to create from mystery.” This work is a provocative version of a still life in which the object is made unique through isolation and thus becomes ethereal. The majestic simplicity of this composition creates an intense presence that contrasts its stillness. Triana aims to create a new sense of perception; the absence of motion and implied silence invites the viewer to “see the invisible,” generating a meditative and spiritual moment that goes beyond time and space.”
- Giuliana la Monaca, student at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, M.A. Art Business, New York.