Inna Rogatchi

Amadeus. Flight, 2019

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Lot 6
Mixed media, crayon d'encre on the original print
16.5 x 21.3 in (41.9 x 54.1 cm)
Signed on recto


This work ships from Brooklyn, United States.


This work is done in the Inna Rogatchi's special patent-pending technique called The Inna Rogatchi's Double-Volume Art (R). Drawn in various techniques (crayon a encre, ink, pastels, watercolour), the artist applies various precious metals pigments on the original archival prints on various surfaces (cotton paper, canvas, pearl paper, etc). Every work created in this technique is unique.

The work is made on Canson Infinitive Museum Velin Rag 315 mg fine art paper, the top-range French hand-made cotton paper, it is naturally age-resistant and has unique fine-grain structure, and is similar to that which Italian Renaissance artworks on paper have been made. Most importantly, this work in unique as it changes depending on the light, whether natural or electric. Inna Rogatchi has decided to create this Amadeus work to be presented alongside Michael Rogatchi’s “Amadeus. Ultimo Credo” to show the different renditions by husband and wife in different techniques of the figure of Wolgang Amadeus Mozart, who holds a special place in their life and oeuvre.

“Inna Rogatchi's creative force inspires the human being to an introspection with renewed spirituality. It is a call for a returning look into ourselves, with a photographic perspective that becomes the extension of the eye and of the heart. It is both an innovative and humanistic form of art. The tenderness of the gaze, the gentleness, the poetry and the innovation of Inna's artworks tell the story of a world of possibilities that interlaces in itself the power of memory as a tool of evolution, the inspiration of imagination as a instrument of creativity, and the feast of fantasy as an opening of a new horizon for us.”
- Dr Raffaella Salato, art curator, The Rome Foundation, Rome, Italy

Terms & Conditions

The artist requests that the work be framed by the purchaser to preserve the integrity of the work.