Mahmoud Hamadani

Untitled (Traces), 2019

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Lot 12
Ink on paper
30.0 x 22.0 in (76.2 x 55.9 cm)
Signed on verso


This work ships from Brooklyn, United States.


"I create the works in Traces by blowing ink on paper. The inspiration for the series is best captured by the following poem by Gu Cheng.

Now on my heart's page
there is no grid to guide my hand,
no character to trace
only the moisture
the ink blew dew
that has dripped from the leaves.

To spread it I can't use a writing brush, can't use a pen.

I can only use my life's gentlest breath to make a single line of marks worth puzzling over."
-Mahmoud Hamadani

"Mahmoud Hamadani’s work transcends time and place. While he retains the fastidious mores of his cultural heritage, it’s hard to place him in a specific temporal or geographical milieu. This quality is readily recognizable in the series Traces."
-Mark Hachem, Paris gallerist

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About Mahmoud Hamadani

American artist, contemporary