Markus Hansen

Veronique (from the series Other People’s Feelings), 2005

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Chromogenic print mounted on aluminum
74.6 x 95.4 cm (29.4 x 37.6 in)
Signed on verso


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Markus Hansen was born in Germany in 1963, moved to Liverpool nine years later, and then worked and lived in Columbia and Paris, and is now London based. Hansen is interested in how information, often traumatic, is communicated between individuals and across generations - indirect, nonverbal ways in which people are indelibly connected by shared experience. The series “Other People’s Feelings” are poignant double portraits depicting Hansen alongside another person. The artist strives to empathically assume the facial expression of his ‘double’, choosing subjects of different genders and races in an attempt to erase differences, capturing emotional rather than physical likeness.

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About Markus Hansen

German sculptor and filmmaker, born 1963