Marshall Brown

Chimera, September 11, 2014, 2014

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Collaged magazine photographs on archival paper
17.0 x 14.0 in (43.2 x 35.6 cm)
Stamped with artist's architectural registration


This work ships from Chicago, IL, US.


As a practicing architect, professor of architecture, artist, and theoretician, Marshall Brown believes that architecture is a “cultural medium,” with the capacity to connect concrete pasts with imagined futures. In his series Chimera (2014), Brown cuts and pastes images of twentieth century postmodernist, Dadaist, and constructivist architecture to create new urban landscapes. The word chimera has two meanings: one is a fire-breathing beast from Greek mythology comprised of lion, goat, and serpent body parts; the other is a more nuanced term synonymous with illusion or fantasy. Brown’s work takes on both interpretations of the word, combining historical and iconic buildings into new fantastical realms of impossible structural standing.

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