Martha Freud

Woke, 2019

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LED light sheet, led transformer, polycarbonate sheet, grout, porcelain.
19.8 x 19.8 cm (7.8 x 7.8 in)
1 of 3
Signed on verso
Accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity


This work ships from London, GB.


“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” Leonard Cohen

The young people of The Big House were asked if there was a word or saying that summed up The Big House journey, after some consideration the word that emerged as the most relevant was “woke”.

Martha Freud has made a series of tiles inspired by the relationship between light and dark - how we can’t appreciate one without also embracing the other. Combining this concept with the power of language, it has the potential to evoke and inspire us to move from darkness to light. Other tiles in the collection are inspired by well known lyrics and quotes that explore this theme. The Big House presented “woke” as the word that captures their experience, a word that is so relevant to this time and the movements in our culture, a word that should take its place among the mantras of history and have its own tile.

The words are sculpted out of shattered and broken porcelain, a material chosen not only because of its translucent quality, but also because it is strong yet fragile, thus suggesting that it is from places of vulnerability that light is able to shine.
You can’t wake unless you have been asleep, from that place, like a Phoenix rising, there is so much beauty and connection to experience. When we wake, we open our eyes and the light is allowed in.

“Woke" is part of a limited edition of three. One created to take up residence in The Big House, one for The Big [Art] House’s fundraising event, and one to take its place among the rest of the tile collection.

Terms & Conditions

Please note, this artwork ships from London. Delivery or collection must be arranged by July 29, 2019 or a £15 per week storage charge will be applied. Insurance for the artwork will be covered up to July 29, 2019. After this date alternative insurance must be arranged by the buyer. “Woke” requires a power source in order to illuminate.