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Lot 42
45.0 x 68.0 in (114.3 x 172.7 cm)
Number of gears: Single speed
General gearing: Fixed or freewheel (Flip-Flop hub)
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Potential of Hydrogen’s "PH01" is a classic fixed gear track bike.

Frame Size/Dimensions:
Seat tube length: 53 cm (as measured from center of bottom bracket to center intersection of the seat and top tube)
Top tube length: 54 cm (as measured from the center of the seat tube to center of head tube)

Component level and lists: Generic.

Please note that this bike arrives disassembled and some assembly is required.

Additional Info

About PHO1

Creators of mid-price bikes, PHO1 is from Sydney, Australia. The models are named after substances such as “Saliva,” “Sulfuric Acid,” “Baking Soda.”