Rasharie Brown

Clout(ed) by Pink (THREE WORKS), 2018

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Archival digital prints
5.0 x 7.0 in (12.7 x 17.8 cm)
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This work ships from New Orleans, LA, US.


In the endless and often meaningless void of visual content, we often don’t stop to consider that which is a portrait, either self-created or rendered by another. Or, rather, the meaning behind said portrait… ⁣ The internet has raised the bar for “gripping" portraiture, but for 27,000 years, effective portraits are those that have stopped us in our tracks, and invited us to take a moment to better understand an individual, or to make meaning from the visual cues we are offered. Portraits are inherently powerful when they demand our attention, so it’s no surprise the style has been used to preserve the legacy of rulers and leaders, or make those who are not always noticeable, captivating.⁣ ⁣ Which brings us to these images by Rasharie, who captured her “goddess” subject @carlimacc during the ephemeral 25 days of #FemaissanceProserpina at the Lighthouse. “The word clout relies on influence and power, and I wanted to communicate how heavy those influences were in this pink space of femininity and empowerment,” says Rasharie. Rasharie’s images speak incredibly well to the power of female collaboration… Not only do the backdrop, styling and accessories Carli wears (by @pantheratextiles, @vinti.v3 + @frauufrau) facilitate this moment of celebratory prowess, but Rasharie honors these collaborators—and her muse—by capturing them in a fleeting image in time. In doing so, Rasharie’s portraits communicate a “clout” that stems from community over individualistic achievement, and support our belief that there is room in any space—even a 13x13 frame—for multiple achievements to shine. ⁣

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