Remy Markovich

Myosphae , 2018

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Embroidery and upholstery
8.6 x 5.0 in (21.9 x 12.7 cm)
Signed on verso


This work ships from New Orleans, LA, US.


Embroidered sculptural abstractions that will make your wall go from gloom to bloom? Bring on @seamed.reliefs (who also made this groovy video). Needlwomxn Remy Markovich meticulously creates work that rebrands a 25,000 year history of relief sculpture. Not the “oh thank god” kind of ‘relief', but rather the sub-genre of sculpture, in which the surface is carved as to stand out from itself… Ancient reliefs—typically involving historical narratives—required the process of hacking stone away from itself, whereas embroidery involves the act of building upon itself… It’s a novel marriage—sculpture and embroidery—one that almost permits Remy’s creation of her otherworldly, soft and plush abstractions, things that only could grow out of her imagination and live on our walls. Created for Femaissance: Proserpina.

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About Remy Markovich

Remy Markovich (American), an embroideress and fiber artist from New Orleans, creates soft sculptures with supple exteriors and whimsical figures by utilizing the medium’s dimensionality and texture, while exploring the corporeal and floral.