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Robert Longo

Untitled (Saturn), 2006

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Lot 16
Archival pigment print on Epson hot pressed, bright white paper
11.6 x 20.0 in (29.5 x 50.8 cm)
Edition of 30
Signed, dated, and numbered on recto


This work ships from the United States.


'Untitled (Saturn)' is a print from Robert Longo’s series of monumental charcoal drawings entitled 'The Outward and Visible Signs of an Inward and Invisible Grace (Bodies).' The title of the series is derived from the catechism featured in the Anglican Book of Common Prayer, which defines a sacrament as 'an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace given unto us.' In this work, Longo points to the vast expanse of space, condensing the ringed planet of Saturn into a tangible, cinematic window, while still conveying the infinite nature of the cosmos.

Additional Info

About Robert Longo

Robert Longo (American, b. 1953) is a painter and sculptor. He received his BFA from Buffalo State College where he was closely associated with fellow student Cindy Sherman. Shortly after school, he moved to New York City and quickly joined the growing underground art scene in the late 1970s. Longo is best known for his hauntingly realistic works on paper, the most famous of which being 'Men in the Cities.' A master draftsman, Longo has said of his own work, "I think I make art for brave eyes. I don't want to make art that will pat you on the back and tell you everything is going to be okay. I want to make something that's much more confronting. You don't look at it, it looks at you as much as you look at it.”