Robin Hammond

Khookha, Tunisia, 2016

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Giclée print
27.5 x 22.0 in (69.8 x 55.9 cm)
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When Khookha’s family discovered that they are a LGBTQI+ activist, their mother asked Khookha to see a psychologist. Khookha, a gender-queer person, agreed to see the psychologist to satisfy their mother. Khookha hoped the doctor would support them, but the doctor did not. “I don’t agree with my psychologist, everyone should have the right to experiment femininity and masculinity and every possible way of gender expression despite of the biological sex they were assigned to at birth. Gender is a social construct, individuals should have the right to build and express their gender identity the way they want.” Khookha was photographed by Robin Hammond for Where Love is Illegal, a global campaign sharing the stories of LGBTQI+ people who face discrimination because of who they love or how they identify. Every participant in the project is given the opportunity to collaborate in the making of their photograph so they can present themselves how they want to be seen.

Where Love is Illegal is a Witness Change project. Witness Change believes that societies are shaped by the stories they tell. Marginalized people are often excluded from their own stories or are stigmatized in them. This means that their needs are at risk of not being understood, their rights may be abused, and in many cases, their lives are put at risk. Their invisibility means that those who may have the ability to offer support cannot empathize with them or advocate for changes which would improve their conditions. Witness Change exists to improve life for marginalized groups by amplifying their stories. Their vision is to create inclusive societies with equal rights for all.

About Robin Hammond

The winner of two World Press Photo prizes, the RF Kennedy Journalism Award, six Pictures of the Year International Awards, the W. Eugene Smith Award for Humanistic Photography, the recipient of six Amnesty International awards for Human Rights journalism, and named by Foreign Policy as one of the “100 Leading Global Thinkers,” Robin Hammond has dedicated his career to amplifying narratives of marginalized groups through long term photographic projects.

His work on discrimination against the LGBTQI+ community around the world, ‘Where Love Is Illegal,’ has become a popular social media campaign. It has been exhibited around the world, featured in many publications including the cover of Time Magazine and National Geographic.

Hammond's work led to him addressing the United Nations in 2018 to promote a campaign to end the extrajudicial execution and torture of LGBTQI+ individuals. Robin is the founder of Witness Change, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing human rights through visual storytelling. Born in New Zealand in 1975, Robin has lived in Japan, South Africa, France, and the United Kingdom.