Robyn LeRoy-Evans

Woman Falls Head Over Heels for Plant... But Is Left Wanting. (TWO WORKS), 2015

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Archival pigment print
Signed on verso


This work ships from New Orleans, LA, US.


Exhibited during Femaissance: Primavera in Spring 2018.

"When this pair of images was made, I was single, lonely, questioning my desirability as a woman, and as an artist. In an attempt to feel productive, creative, and to pull myself out of this slump, I spent the day in my home studio, playing dress-up and toying with objects I had lying around the house. From this, the idea of the ridiculous woman, the “silly woman”, emerged: as I was working, I became aware of trying to connect with a glamourous side of myself, the desire to feel more attractive to the opposite sex, but ultimately the result is awkward, off-balance, sideways."

Influenced by a constellation of subjects, including erotic literature, Japanese aesthetics, contemporary dance, and the fashion photography of Guy Bourdin, my predominantly image-based practice has recently expanded into performance, video, and installation. Across this range of media, the body of the woman-artist has remained my central focus. Using the recurring motif of the covered, disguised, or faceless figure, my work seeks to explore the physical, emotional, and spiritual territories of the body of the woman-artist.

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