Smriti Keshari

Machines of Loving Grace, 2019

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Laser cut metallic fabriano paper
18.0 x 24.0 in (45.7 x 61.0 cm)
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This work ships from Brooklyn, NY, US.


Smriti Keshari’s ALTAR is the first of a five-part series intended to help visualize and illuminate the age of artificial intelligence. This body of work aims to explore the immense scale of artificial intelligence, the limitless allure and infinite ecosystems built around it, the civil and societal implications they incur, the prejudice of data it learns on, the vast potential and threat of it, and the ultimately, the pivotal timing of it.

For millenniums, language has had to communicate new advancements in human progress. Today, due to massive amounts of data and computing power, the age of Artificial Intelligence is upon us, embodied in a new language of invisible code. And unlike any other language, modern code operates in the background without a body or form, wielding both a liberating and controlling power over the future of humanity.

ALTAR is a piece inspired by IBM’s Super Computer, the world’s fastest computer. The artwork enshrines an infamous Python code titled AlphaGo, marking the moment artificial intelligence significantly surpassed human potential.

It juxtaposes our collective desire for forward progress against our fear of AI’s capability to shape society beyond our control; to live in harmony or chaos in the age of, depends on our point of view.

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