Somec (Societa Mechanica)

Sirius, Early 2000

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Columbus aluminium
45.0 x 68.0 in (114.3 x 172.7 cm)
Number of gears: 9 speed
General gearing: 2x9
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The Softride “Rocket Wing” is a triathlon road bike from the early 1990s. Its unique design is aimed to minimize drag whilst improving aerodynamics.

Frame Size/Dimensions:
Seat tube length: 53 cm from center to top of top-tube. 65 cm from center to top of seat-mast.
Top tube length: 58 cm from center of seat-mast to center to head-tube

Component level and lists: Shimano Dura Ace, HED Jet 2000 (650) carbon rear wheel, HED J2 (650) carbon wheel, carbon fork, Specialized Proti saddle, Profile Design carbon aero bars with integrated stem, LOOK pedals.

Please note that this bike arrives disassembled and some assembly is required.

Additional Info

About Somec (Societa Mechanica)

Somec (Societa Mechanica), is named after the cycling organization founded by Giro d’Italia mechanic Oliviero Gallegati in the 1960s. In 1973 Gallegati started his own bicycle company, maintaining a modest yet distinguished atelier in the Romagna region of northern Italy which today still produces only a few bicycles annually.