Stephanie Nnamani

Coronation of The Kin, 2018

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Lot 23
Digital photography
36.0 x 24.0 in (91.4 x 61.0 cm)
Signed on verso


This work ships from Brooklyn, NY, US.


Thematically, COTK addresses the disproportionate social positioning of men and women. Ever since the artist wrote "A Man is Not A Mirror" and "Marriage and The Mischief of Managing," she knew she had to extend the conversation to a readily visual space—to expand it. COTK allowed her to do that. To reach into the construct of the traditional African family and its many manifestations across the continent.

The crowning examines notions of identity rooted in duty — duty to the (family) unit and the systems that collude to (p)reserve reverence for the Man i.e patriarchy + christianity + (toxic) masculinity, etc. In most African cultures, the man is regarded as “the head” and his most defining qualities are: the ability to be a “provider” financially, and the ability to “bear fruits.” The artist wanted to explore this notion and its role in forming, performing, and sustaining identity in African culture—namely, Nigerian.

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