Terion Montgomery

Black Girls Don’t Swim , 2019

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Oil on canvas
108.0 x 72.0 in (274.3 x 182.9 cm)
Signed on recto


This work ships from Atlanta, GA, US.


This piece is a depiction of the stereotype that Black girls can't and don’t swim. She refuses to play into the social stigma that they don’t want to get their hair wet because it’s just way too much to redo. Well, this little girl is warning you of those troubles ahead. Rethink this idea of "I can’t" and transform it into "I will" and "I don’t care." As you can see, she’s already natural and not bothered by this stigma. She is free and honest in a world that constantly tries to tell her what she can’t do. Be warned! She is fearless! The defeat of wetting her curl pattern is obsolete. She just wants to swim.