Tom Faulkner

Arizona Totem, 2019

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Lot 29
184.0 x 51.0 cm (72.4 x 20.1 in)
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This work ships from London, GB.


Award-winning contemporary designer Tom Faulkner is a self-taught British artist, based in London. Faulkner’s designs sell all over the world, with furniture represented in showrooms throughout the US, Canada, and Japan.

The Arizona totem was inspired by the volcanic rock formations that rise up out of the deserts of the same name, and explores the themes of permanence and fragility, and the perfect imperfections that nature creates. The original Arizona Totem was crafted in Corten weathering steel (wonderfully recreating the same colour as the desert). Here, for the Auction 2019, the sculpture is the height of a person, and finished in a bright (Yves Klein) ultramarine blue.

Arizona is made of repeating tetrahedrons - one of Tom Faulkner’s favourite motifs, which appears in much of his furniture collection. Walk round it slowly to appreciate its complex geometry and ever-changing silhouette.

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