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Great Guns of Oxford: A Great P.-c. O-r. [Public Orator] Practicing for Grand Oration, 1873

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Watercolor on paper
16.0 x 10.5 in (40.6 x 26.7 cm)


This work ships from Brooklyn, United States.


"Caricature portrait No. 1 in the “Great Guns of Oxford” series depicts Dr. Richard Michell (1805-1877). To him fell the honor of ushering-in dozens of other caricature characters produced by Oxford students and distributed by Thomas Shrimpton & Son, the publisher who reproduced and sold photographic reproductions of commissioned or submitted original drawings from 1868-1901. The publishers seem to have never produced a catalogue or list of these works, with “their shop window display seemingly being their only advertising strategy.” "
- Irina Tarsis, Esq., Founder and Managing Director, Center for Art Law